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Astrology for Friday, December 11

This is an unstable moment in time - the Nodes of the Moon - the North in Gemini and South in Sagittarius - are square Neptune in Pisces. This causes a "wobble" that is affecting the Sun in Sagittarius and the coming full Moon in Gemini on December 14. We will have an eclipse during that full moon, so I am giving you a heads up prior to the event. It is a potent array of energies that coincide with the very day that the Electoral College is voting. More on that on Monday.

Today, the Moon is in the intense sign of Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus. Uranus makes Scorpio feel restless, and since the Sun in Sagittarius in trine Mars, there may be a desire to shake up routine matters. Since the Moon is involved, you may feel like improving your surroundings, moving the furniture...anything to shake things up even if you are quarantining at home. And here is hoping you are lucky enough to have a home and furniture to rearrange - or even buy - during these crazy days.


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