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Astrology for Friday, December 18

The Moon is in Aquarius today. A sign of big, revolutionary new ideas, that can benefit humanity. Aquarius does not think small! Saturn has recently spent roughly 27 month in Capricorn, a sign it rules, but has now moved on to the wilds of Aquarius. And Jupiter, also recently in Capricorn, is headed that way also.

So, a lot of energy is shifting from Saturn ruled Capricorn to Aquarius. Saturn was the traditional ruler of Aquarius, but once Uranus was discovered, just prior to the American revolution,Uranus became the new ruler of Aquarius. The difference between Capricorn and Aquarius is that Capricorn is concerned with how we are know in the community - what is our job, our marital status, our address, our school? These are all indicators of status. Aquarius is more interested in our own goals, not society's. Rather than go with the socially conditioned and sanctioned, Aquarius will think for itself, thank you very much! And Aquarius will do right by humanity, believing every person has the right to be themselves.

With the Moon in Aquarius, the feeling nature of the public is on the Aquarian transition team. With Saturn, a master Builder in Aquarius, those big ideas can be anchored into reality. Infrastructure can be built to underpin those ideas.


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