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Astrology for Friday, December 4

Anger from the top echelons of power has not decreased today despite the movement of the Moon into Leo. It is still close enough to oppose the Capricorn power planets, Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. These transformative,

but often difficult planets, are in the sign of big corporations and controlling government. 2020 has been a testimony to their powers....and failures. The coronavirus rages on. Some attribute this to Mars being close to Eris is Aries so long - half the year, in fact, and squaring the Capricorn planets. That is still the case, by the way. We won't see significant moves out of Capricorn until December 21, when Saturn and Jupiter make a historic new start in Aquarius. Other say Neptune in Pisces is the culprit....why not both!

Today, the Moon opposes the Capricorn planets and squares Uranus in Taurus. Uranus in Taurus evokes the pain of our financial situation, the effects of climate change on our planet and the shocking and unexpected circumstances we find ourselves in.

Uranus in Taurus opposes Venus in Scorpio, speaking to our deep need for connection during the holidays, but logic (Mercury in Sagittarius) is saying wait! These unparalleled circumstances call for a response that logically keeps us from loved ones. Our actions, represented by Mars in Aries, also have to make an adjustment based on reason.

I rarely say go with logic over intuition, but if your heart says "Socialize" and your logic says "Not a good idea!", go with your head, not your heart. There will be time for hugs later if we refrain now.


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