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Astrology for Monday, January 4

The whole month of January is pretty loaded astrologically. So let's look at some context.

Mars spent the last 6 months in its home sign, Aries -, a very unusual length of time (given that Mars' orbit is only 2 years in duration). Mars finally emerged from its shadow on Saturday, January 2, to go direct. Anger, combativeness, fight or flight responses, assertion - all of these began to act unabashedly and directly.

On Wednesday, Mars leaves Aries and will enter the sign Taurus. January 6 is also the day that Congress examines the Electoral College vote. Mars and Taurus are not the most natural of bedfellows. The symbolism is that the Warrior (Mars Archetype) has entered the Establishment (Taurus being traditional, staid and security loving). So, although the vote is likely to be unchanged, a bit of political theater will ensue so that those who'd like to run for President in 2024 from the GOP can take a stab at making themselves popular with the Trump Base. So young (for the Senate) bulls are going to require the GOP establishment to go on record with voting to support the Electoral College vote giving Biden a win. Mitch cConnell did not want this vote since the effort will most likely fail and puts too many of his Senators on record.

To make things more complicated, Mars is on display again as the Proud Boys plan to demonstrate this coming week that they are unhappy with the vote. Congressman Louis Gohmert is openly inciting violence. Plenty of Mars to go around! And lots of angry people.

To complicate things further, when Mars is in the early degrees of Taurus it will conjunct Uranus in Taurus and form a square with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius the following week. The tension of new ways and old ways will go head to head. When Mars, the God of War, and Uranus, the God of Revolution team up, you know things are going to heated. (It could even bring a literal earthquake!) As hard as it is to stomach for most of us, maybe this confrontation is what we need to make the new possible. As Nelson Mandela said, Everything is impossible until it is possible.


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