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Astrology for Monday, November 23

The Moon and Neptune are together in the watery element of Pisces today. On the plus side, it can be a day of rich imagination. Poetry and imagery seem to come from nowhere. And dreams contain symbols that feed our intuition. Meditation, yoga - even swimming do well under this influence. Water symbolizes knowing through the heart, through feeling, not logic. It is a good day to trust your intuition.

But planetary influences never come in one flavor - all sweetness, for instance. There is always a darker potential, and you can your free will to please your better angels or less happy ones.

Neptune and the Moon are square the south and the north node, so it occupies a rather unstable place in the cosmos - opposing logic and science and philosophy that rests on these facts. Because the Moon and Neptune in Pisces also opposes Mercury in Scorpio, there can be too much water. The fantasy and escapist side of Neptune can dominate. Feelings can overwhelm logic. Outright lies will lure some in, despite any dissenting voice that says it is not factual.

We are at a moment in time when we have been handed the most blatant lies and yet many choose to believe in these conspiracy theories. If you use this energy to be inspired and seek your place in the cosmos by applied intuition - all good! But beware that what you are emotionally attached to is truly gold and not counterfeit. Look before you leap.


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