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Astrology for Saturday & Sunday, February 20 & 21

Does it feel different today? It does to me. There is a shift in the weather, too, where I am. Hopefully, Texas is on its way to a thaw - the State's politicians don't seem adept at solving problems there, so maybe Mother Nature will.

The big news today is that Mercury is stationing direct at 11 Aquarius and will resume direct motion tomorrow. Mercury has been retrograde, or moving backwards from our vantage point on earth. Reflections and review work well during a retrograde, but initiating new projects does not. Mercury won't be past the place it originally went retrograde, though, until March 18, so prepare for a few communication mishaps if you begin moving too quickly before that time. During this retrograde, we have re-entered the climate accord, begun to negotiate with Iran and Biden has undone all sorts of Trump era policies.

It has been a big week - Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus had their first exact square. And right on time, there was an eruption on Mount Aetna. Uranus is disruption; Taurus is an earth sign. Need I say more? But more importantly, the sign Aquarius rules electricity, and Uranus is the ruler of the sign Aquarius. The big Texas freeze - and the resultant deaths - I'm not trying to minimize this - happened with a crashing electrical grid and horribly cold temperatures. This also happened during the Mercury retrograde. Mercury rules the North Node and the Nodes were square Neptune which rules natural gas and oil. Decisions to do without federal help during extreme temperatures have to be revisited and rethought if we are to avoid risking a recurrence.

As Mercury stations and goes direct, it is worth noting that Mercury rules the north node currently in Gemini. It is square Neptune in Pisces - fact (Gemini) vs. fantasy (Pisces) The moon is also in Gemini, and will cross over the node this weekend (the will of people being conjunct the logic of science for the most part). The South Node (legacy) of the United States Sibley chart is 6 Aquarius - Saturn in transiting that point (karma squared!) and squaring (in tension with) Uranus in Taurus (chaotic upsets in previously secure, established orders).

My point is, there is a lot going on, and it is very intertwined at that! Also, somewhat karmic as new ideas conflict with the old. Time to address a legacy of past actions. During Mercury retrograde, what have you personally been reflecting on?


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