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Astrology for Sunday, August 29

Today the Sun is exactly square the South node in Sagittarius and the North Node in Gemini. This is known as the Moon wobble. This can herald disruptive events - earth events, likes, hurricanes, earthquakes or tornadoes, violence, or some other extreme act - a week or two before and after the wobble is exact. I'm pretty sure the earthquake in Haiti qualifies. There are three crises I can think of off the top of my head that could be a wobble event - an explosion at the Kabul airport, Hurricane Ida expected to be a category 4 storm by the time it reaches the Gulf Coast (yes, New Orleans is expected to see an 11 foot storm surge at the least), and a development in theCovid-19 pandemic. The Hurricane and the pandemic play off one another as Louisiana is one of the least vaccinated states, already seeing hospitals overwhelmed.

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