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Astrology for the Solar Eclipse - October 25, 2022

Tomorrow is the New Moon in Scorpio. It is also a partial solar eclipse. (4 am. - 8 a.m. in St. Louis. The shadow of the Moon will largely fall over Europe and Eastern Europe, Russia and Northern Africa, so it will likely impact these countries the most. Venus is close to the eclipse. One face of Venus is concerned with aesthetics and balance; the other is concerned with finances and resources. It isn't much of a stretch to see how war torn Ukraine and Russia might affect local and global finances. The eclipse is in Scorpio, a sign about power, secrets and other people's money. Scorpio rules nuclear power, so this will be a topic of discussion in that same geographic area. It is interesting that the Trump organization is on trial in New York under this eclipse. It takes months for an eclipse's effects to be fully felt, so the eclipse may "ripen" over time. Next month, on Election Day, we'll see a lunar eclipse and full moon in Scorpio. More on that later.


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