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Astrology for Thursday, December 31 Happy New Year's Eve!

The Moon is navigating the final degrees of Cancer and will cross into Leo later in the day - afternoon for most people. When the party can begin! Leo is good at spontaneity and fun. Let the good times roll!

I hope people do find their joy in reaching 2021, but there is still some cleanup on aisle 7 when it comes to leftovers from 2020. I don't need to tell you that the stimulus appears to be less than many hoped for - or that 330,000 cases of COVID-19 resulted in death or that the vaccine rollout is about 1/10th of its scheduled rate. But let's unpack all this good news astrologically.

The Moon in late degrees of Cancer and early degrees of Leo are opposite Pluto in Capricorn as well as Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. These three planets have been at the heart of problems in 2020. This opposition signifies a tug of war between the powers that be vs. the will of the people (Moon). The Moon is squaring Uranus in Taurus which can mean chaos in financial affairs. Uranus in Taurus in turn squares Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Aquarius is a more democratic sign, but the square shows the difficulty the new administration has in getting information, and how behind the new administration will be in rolling out a vaccine (new technology = Aquarius and Uranus). The Trump "plan" was simply to roll out vaccine distribution to the states, which, after these months of dealing with the COVID crisis on their own, are financially strapped. After being allotted a paltry sum for distribution, they are simply paralyzed by lack of money.

The way out of a t-square is the open leg, which, in this case, is Scorpio. Looking under the surface, following power and the money. Acting like this is a crisis, because it is.

Venus is still conjunct the South Node in Sagittarius - the pompous old men with dated opinions. Venus is square Neptune. There is a whole lot of secret discussions taking place, and a "spin" version of reality is being painted. The square indicates little will to act with compassion or humanity.

But, hey, party when you can. Zoom or call those you love, but stay within your bubble. 2021 is coming. Better days await. Just don't expect them quite yet. Make a New Year's Resolution to look behind the scenes at politics, to be able to intelligently vote out of office those who do not serve your good.


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