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Astrology for Thursday, June 3

The Moon is in Pisces, squaring (in conflict with) the opposition going on between Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. I don't like it much when Mars, the God of War, and Pluto, the God of Hell, are opposite one another. Throw in Neptune and the Moon in Pisces, making soft aspects (enabling)to both ends of that opposition, and things can get confusing.

Mars in Cancer is more concerned with the inner self; Pluto in Capricorn is interested in power in the outer world. With the two opposing one another, they may see their forces diametrically opposed - and NOTHING happens. Except they both get very frustrated. Oh, not that they don't want something to having the other planet agree to their view. The secret to integrating these two planets is to direct the power of the collective to help those in society most in need of this nurturance individually.

Pluto rather ruthlessly shows what is no longer working anymore; Mars in Cancer stands up for the underdog. Can these two work together successfully? Yes, but not without a learning curve, and not without some bumps in the road as both planets have pretty strong opinions about how things OUGHT to be. It is a learning situation.

But throw Neptune in the mix, and the Moon - both in Pisces - and you can begin tilting at windmills, seeing the issue through veils of delusion, confusion or plain old gaslighting. It is a time when truth has to be teased out of the mix. Neptune and the Moon can confuse feelings and imaginings with facts. Make sure words and actions match. If there is confusion, there is a lie somewhere.

Especially for those with planets near the ends of cardinal signs Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries, you may find your actions aroused great opposition from the powers that be, much to your surprise. Instead of getting defensive, watch the situation unfold and see if there is a balance to be achieved between opposing points of view.

To find out how Mars, Pluto and Neptune affect your chart, contact me for a reading through this website or at 314-482-3017.


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