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Astrology for Wednesday, August 4

Planets in the sky now - 2021 - are interacting with planets in the US Sibley Chart of 1776 in a very dramatic fashion. We have entered a new era as of the Winter Solstice last year, so here we are! Changing times for certain!

Most notable to me is that the current North Node of the Moon - a point which indicates where we are destined to go - is right on top of Uranus in the 6th house US Sibley Chart (circa 1776). Uranus is the great awakener, a revolutionary. How should we serve (6th house)? Literally, this can be a revolutionary awakening in the service industry. Many people are electing not to go back to low paying jobs. Expectations have changed!

Positively, maybe many will be awakened to the role of science and fact based behavior in staying healthy (6th house activities).

Saturn is currently transiting Aquarius and squaring Uranus in Taurus all year. In the Sibley chart, the South Node of the Moon is conjunct transiting Saturn and therefore squaring Taurus. The expiration date for our country's old beliefs has arrived. The legacy of the past (Saturn) has inevitably led us to this point. Old norms, old traditions are being upended like spillikens thrown in a game. We haven't yet reached a point of stability. Old forms are being destroyed and new ones created.

Neptune is currently transiting Pisces. Transiting Neptune is directly opposed to the US Sibley Neptune in Virgo. One meaning is Covid related - Virgo being health care workers and their challenge of overcrowding in hospitals (Pisces). On another level, it is tribal - one Neptune group is of like mind; the other Neptune is foreign. Neither understands the other. Their challenge is to find common ground and balance their energies.

This month, transiting Jupiter has returned to Aquarius (29 degrees) and is moving toward the US Sibley Moon at 27 degrees Aquarius. Jupiter rules expansion; the Moon in a mundane chart reflects the will of the people. If there is a time to get an infrastructure bill passed, this is it. The will of the people harnessed to expansion in the sign of democracy (Aquarius). This will happen August 15 - 21, give or take a week.

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