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Change Is In the Air This Spring

So much has happened astrologically, in quick succession - the eclipses, Solar and Lunar, Mercury Retrograde in Aries, the exact meeting of the powerhouses Jupiter and Uranus. I'm not going to detail each one or this post would be far too long to read. Here is my synopsis: we have had a chance to look at our past. Memories may have risen up without conscious intention. You may have looked at those old patterns and said to yourself, "That isn't me anymore. Or at least, I need to let go of that to become who I want to be." We've gotten energy for big, bold breathroughs that deviate from our old normal. So who do we want to be?

And if we haven't had enough of looking at old patterns, particularly of old wounds we may have suppressed or ignored, hang on! We are not done yet! Pluto,a planet that can lead to great metamorphisis when it brings old habits, patterns and wounds to consciousness, has stationed (stopped, a very powerful time) in preparation for backing up over old psychological territory. Today, the Sun in Taurus opposes the direction of Pluto in Aquarius - all that bringing the messy details of the past up can stand at odds for the Taurean quest for stability and peace. The irony is, even if the past disturbs our peace at present, we cannot find real peace until we process the old wounds.

Since April 20, Taurus has been marinating in that Jupiter - Uranus energy - much more revolutionary and future oriented than the traditional Taurus comfort zone. Pluto will be in backward appearing motion until November 20, 2024. In the process, Pluto will eventually back into Capricorn where it travelled between 2008 -2023.

Pluto re-enters Capricorn, September 2 - November 20, 2024 to tie up the loose ends remaining from that long and, often disquieting, sojourn in Capricorn. Remember all that nastiness - the pandemic, the rise of authoritarianism, White Supremacy, Misogyny, LSBT@Q+ remember. Odds are, we will see some themes we'd rather not deal with AGAIN, but take heart, we must breakdown those things to break through them. And we wll.

Do not be in fear, because that strengthens the hold negativity has on each of us. I am no Pollyanna. I'm not predicting that after the storm, we will suddenly get the rainbow. I'm just saying don't play to the base energies by getting down on their level. Things can get better, and they will.

Change may be disquieting, but it is the only way through. And the astrological portents have been filled with the energy of a sea change - a big, bold breakthrough is coming.

On May 7, before midnight, we will have a new moon in Taurus, meaning the Sun and Moon are in the same sign. This is a fertile time for new growth. Taurus is a fixed sign, so it is also a time to plant seeds you want to stick with you - start a diet, a business, quit smoking, etc. Your steadfastness is at a high peak right now, and you are fertile for the seeds of a new endeavor. It is also a great time for planting warm weather crops!


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