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Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse, March 25, 2024

Eclipse season has arrived with a Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon at 5 Libra. Eclipse season begins a couple of weeks before the first eclipse and, this year, will end a couple of weeks after the Solar Eclipse and New Moon on April 8. The Nodes of the Moon are always near a Full or New Moon, giving them a fated feeling of now or never. Karma has ripened, and what seemed impossible before often isn't under an eclipse.

This Lunar eclipse completes a cycle that began on the April 14, 2023, eclipse, just days after the sudden attack on Israel. That eclipse was also in Libra. Libra signifies committed relationships. In the case of nations, this could be an ally. I think we will begin to see some movement on the Israeli-Palestine "War" or massacre, during these eclipses. The lunar eclipse counsels us to release that which is no longer serving us well. Certainly, no one, except perhaps Netanyahu, is benefiting rom this horrific conflict.

The Nodes of the Moon are North Node Aries and South Node Libra. South Node represents what has not worked well for us - it is the dis-easeof our soul. That South Node is in Libra ruled by Venus. The eclipse point at 5 Libra is also ruled by Venus. We are in dire need of a reboot of the conflict, but also, on personal level, we must ask ourselves if we are happy with the way we have conducted ourself in partnership.

Both the Moon and Sun at the time of the eclipse stand in good relationship with Pluto in Aquarius (democratic transformation). Also, the Rule of Law, symbolized by Saturn and Venus in Pisces is in good aspect to Mercury, a planet representing communication and diplomacy. Hopefully, those discussions will result in a cease fire or increased humanitarian aid or both.

On a personal level, Venus, ruler of Libra, asks us to review whether or not our current actions in relationship are to our liking. Are we satisfied? Do we need more of that relationship or to release it altogether? We will see both under this eclipse. People born between in the first 10 degrees of Libra, or who have planets in this zone, will be particularly impacted by the eclipse. Also personally affected will be Capricorns, Aries, Cancers and Libra born in the first ten degrees of their sign or who have planets there. Similarly affected will be early degree air signs in the signs Aquarius and Gemini.


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