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June 21, 2002 - Summer Solstice is Here!

It is official. Summer is here, and Tuesday, June 21 will see the longest day of 2022. TheSun is at the start of Cancer. The moon is at the very start of Aries, in challenging aspect to the Sun. AND, Jupiter, the planet of travel is conjunct the Moon. With the square between the major lights of Sun and Moon and the proximity of Jupiter, people are restless to leave where they are (and have been during the pandemic) and wander a little further afield. I just read an article about Revenge Travel - the pent up. desire to go somewhere that has been stewing during the pandemic. And with the allure of sunny skies and long days, many will give in to their urge to travel.

Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius - wreaking havoc with my electronic devices, much like a Mercury Retrograde (although that is passed) -- and is moving backward to form a more perfect square to Uranus in Taurus. The January 6 hearings continue, going over old ground and digging up secrets of the alt right. It is the right time for that, too.


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