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Vernal Equinox Today, New Moon Tomorrow AND Pluto Changes Signs Thursday - First Time Since 2008!

Astrologically, March 20 - 24 is a blockbuster week! We start off with the first day of the astrological year, when the Sun crosses into the first sign of the zodiac - Aries. With a total of seven heavenly bodies also occupying Aries: - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Chiron, Vesta, Eris, a lot of energy is impatient to drive forward!

Change is in the air, and it isn't just the sense that spring is on the way. There is building energy to talk about and heal old wounds so that a new sense of identity can emerge. Mars is the ruler of Aries. Mars is currently out of bounds (acting beyond normal restraints) in the chatty sign of Gemini. Saying, hearing things that normally might not be out in the open can heal long festering wounds. Jupiter and Chiron, already in Aries, is asking us where have we not thought big enough, what old patterns are holding us back from claiming our identity. Time for change, to live large, and not be afraid to talk about it!

Just two days later, Pluto will leave Capricorn, a sign it has occupied since 2008. Pluto will enter Aquarius on Thursday, March 23, staying there briefly until June 11 when it will retrograde back into Capricorn. All in all, Pluto will alternate short stays in Capricorn with short stays in Aquarius for the next 20 months. After November, 2024, Pluto will stay in Aquarius until 2040. This is our sneak previews!

Pluto will cross over the same sensitive degrees that Jupiter and Saturn occupied in late 2020. Jupiter expanded the presence of new technology in our lives (such as AI, ChatGPI and more), Saturn grounded new technologies into our everyday reality, and now Pluto has entered that scene to test and reform new technology, as well as examine how personal power flows. Pluto's time in Capricorn was notable for its emphasis on the power of big institutions, big corporations, big government. Aquarius will look at the power of people.

At the beginning of the financial meltdown of 2008, and the concurrent entry of Pluto into Capricorn, the government poured money into the banking system using taxpayer money. Now that Pluto is leaving Capricorn, bank bailouts are again a topic, but the money this time is not coming from taxpayer money. ...Pluto in Aquarius is Power to the People.

To underline the energies even further, the United States is having its first ever Pluto return, and it i affecting the financial sector of the countries chart! The passage of Pluto into another sign is massive on a collective and personal level. I'll be writing more about this - it is such a vast subject, it can't be done in a succinct post!


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