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Astrology for Sunday, January 10

Old points of view, habitual prejudices are mistaken for reality as the Moon in Sagittarius conjuncts the South Node of the Moon, square Neptune in Pisces. While we could all use a little daydreaming and escape from our normal lives, in less stable persons, it may erupt into full blown fantastic misinterpretation based on feelings, not logic. It is hard to interpret what is being seen directly.

On January 14, the planet Uranus, which rules revolution and individuation, will go direct in motion for the first time since mid August, 2020. Uranus is associated with freedom, and with resumption of direct motion, is free to act. At the same time, the planet Mars, associated with war, anger and violence, is growing ever closer to Uranus, their conjunction coming to exact on Inauguration Day. As you may have guessed from the shots of mobs in the Capitol, it is not an auspicious conjunction for the Inauguration.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius are drawing closer to a square, or tense conflict, with Mars/Uranus in Taurus. Aquarius is associated with democracy. The square aspect shows democracy in conflict with the violence of the Mars/Uranus conjunction in Taurus. Chaos and violence. Everything Trump said about America in his inauguration speech, has come to fruition.

There are a number of factors that make me think this violence is going to ripen again around January 14 and again around January 20. If there are no or few consequences to those involved, including our Inciter-in-Chief, there is little incentive NOT to do this on a grander, more violent scale. The chatter on the social media platform Parler, which was used to organize the first mob, has made the owners decide to remove it from download on the app store. It may be a case of too little, too late.


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