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Astrology for Friday, November 20

Conditions today are hard. Meeting the new conditions is WORK. Those who expect that leadership will save them is deluded by fancy talk and empty spin (Sun in Scorpio sextile Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn sextile Neptune in Pisces trine Mercury in Scorpio). The negative side of water element is that it can believe without facts and are susceptible to fantasy. They are supporting very deluded powers represented by the planets in Capricorn

So would you prefer an easy lie or a hard truth? The hard truth is that many people are having to think outside the box about their relationships as they are not able to do the traditional holiday because of new circumstances due to the pandemic (Moon in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus oppose Venus in Libra). And, of course, these new conditions apply more broadly than the holiday - funerals, visits to loved ones suffering from age, illness or infirmity - require much more ingenuity to maintain a connection.

Jupiter, the energy of the king - in this case the current administration - continues their fantasy of winning and at the same time working all their contacts to influence the outcome of the election. (Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn square Mars in Aries and Venus in Libra).


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