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US & North Korea: Jupiter Moves Into Scorpio on October 11

I was thinking about what is currently in the skies, and how that might correlate to North Korea. As above, so below. The heaven’s picture, but do not cause, events on earth.

The eclipse promises new leadership. In that context, we have Mars, the Warrior, conjunct Venus, the Diplomat, in the house of service. It amuses me that there is so much talk about the value of diplomacy and the value of war. How best to serve the needs of the people? – if anyone in leadership cares about the people. Meanwhile, Mercury, planet of communication, is really close to the sun aka, the leader. It seems inevitable that there will be very rash speech. And what will happen, if anything, when Jupiter changes sign on October 11 from the sign of the diplomat, Libra, to power-hungry Scorpio? Scorpio does not like slights, like calling Kim Jung Un “little rocket man.” No, that won’t go over big at all.

It is worth noting that Jupiter, the planet that makes everything more expansive, goes into Scorpio on October 11. Scorpio’s rulers are the war-like Mars and Pluto, the planet that correlates to development of the thermo-nuclear bomb that ended WWII. Will this strengthen the hawkish Mars? Unclear.However, looking at Kim Jung Un’s birth chart (which is admittedly squishy because North Korea has given out more than one date for his birth), he has the thermo-nuclear and sometimes vengeful Pluto at 1 Scorpio, meaning that when Jupiter enters Scorpio, he will very shortly be full of blind rage. Will he lash out? Will The current administration agitate him or pursue a course of diplomacy? I don’t know what the response will be, but there is bound to be some consequence. What if, the Trump administration gave the order to fire on North Korea, and the generals around him could not follow their leader? A coup, even a secret one behind closed doors (Pluto likes secrecy) could happen. I say this because the August 21 solar eclipse definitely shows a change of leadership. And a point representing a future course of action by the US was right on a fixed star which is associated with coups, often violent. One possibility.We are fated to experience certain planetary movements during our lifetime, but the response to those movements also involve free will. So, how will the US respond? We get to find out.

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