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Astrology of November 8

You may have started the day on the wrong side of the bed - maybe a bad dream or something negative left a bad taste in your mouth. You may be feeling that things are worse than they will prove to be. Whatever made you feel a little wounded, a little self pitying, perhaps? - it may have touched on an old negative generalization like "I am not lovable" "no one is ever there for me" . If you find your negative feelings had root in something that contains the words "always" or "never", it is almost certainly an untrue or exaggerated thought. Always and never statements contain a cognitive distortion that indicates a skew in your thinking due to an old pattern of wounding. Think specifically about the situation at hand and do not generalize it into a broad and dissatisfactory pattern. It makes you feel bad and less able to heal your wounds. Try to detach a bit and let your thoughts, not your feelings, have center stage. At core, early in the day, weare deciding who we are - what are our values, what do we define as reality.

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