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Astrology of November 14

Acts of kindness, nurturing and compassion are possible for you today. You may be swallowing a lot of bitterness to do that.

Did you find the cost of actions yesterday extracted too high a price for your freedom? You may nurture significant others, but wonder if your own emotions and needs are not being taken care of. The principles you have been taught may be at odds with your own emotions . and growth toward becoming an individual.

Do you find yourself saying all the right things, but you have harsher feelings as well. Your feelings ebb and flow, and I imagine this is a confusing day. Remember, the dictates of the times are to reflect and review. Watch and wait and do what you feel you must. Ask yourself why is this happening, why now? Your natural curiosity can turn over these intriguing questions. A time to act on these realizations is coming. November 21 will be a meaningful day.

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