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Astrology of Wednesday, November 27

Yesterday, the moon was new in sunny, optimistic, hopeful Sagittarius. This starts a new cycle that will last about 14 days until the moon is full - when results of a new project seeded under the new moon becomes visible. At that time, a new cycle featuring review and revision will begin. (Where was my project not perfect, and what do I want to change).

Sagittarius rules publishing, philosophy, higher education and travel, so any project involving any of those things is definitely green-lighted. And the impeachment report is supposed to be issued after Thanksgiving. That fits!

Writing projects, particularly those that follow your own philosophy, naturally fall into this new moon cycle. And travel! Make reservations now! Wherever Sagittarius falls in your chart will add another dimension to understanding how to best use this energy. If you don't know where, check out or find a competent astrologer.

There is a little feeling of constraint here as your new ideas about freedom and personal development may conflict with the ideas of the elders in power. Luck is on your side, though, so be patient. Endure those relatives who don't agree with you tomorrow - a new day will dawn.

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