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Astrology of Sunday, January 12

There is some tension - maybe between the sexes. It could also play out that there is a desire to rest and a desire to act...but it is hard to do both.

A Hallmark writer once told me that it appears that a cow in the field is doing nothing, but in reality, that cow is chewing her cud, the source of her food. So it can be with those that choose rest. Insights abound, but some thought and time are needed to process them. It is hard to have an insight when you are on your way to the grocery store. So it may appear that nothing is going on, but it may in reality be the very thing that is necessary.

In a relationship, one partner maybe irritated that the other appears to be lolling about. The other partner may be irritated by what they view as running around like a chicken with its head cut off - without thought or purpose.

Meanwhile, there are still 50% of the planets locked into the sign Capricorn - a reshaping of authority. That is the backdrop against everything that takes place. Will we shape authority based on what we know or is something new and perhaps radical needed. We are still breaking down to lead to a breakthrough in consciousness.

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