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Astrology of Sunday, January 19

Sudden, unexpected news is hard to digest. The people, as a whole, have a moment of nostalgia for the way things used to be, but there is an increasing awareness that things are not working for enough people enough of the time, and that change, perhaps radical, unforseen change, is imminent.

The moon is in dig for dirt Scorpio right now, at a degree that reactivates the eclipse energies of January 10. Power issues, overt or unspoken, abound, and the Scorpio moon wants to get to the bottom of it.

There is distress, understandably, over the state of our planet, and the harsh reality of making significant adjustments to end it may require a reliance on a new, yet to be discovered technology.

It is, overall, a time when the illusions of grandeur can be shattered. Appearance is not enough. There must be substance behind the style, or something needs to change.

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