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Astrology of Sunday, May 24

If I had to pick one word for today to describe most people,I'd say "restless". With the moon in the sociable sign of Gemini, and the ruler of Gemini, Mercury, also in Gemini, united with the north node in Gemini ...well, you have a very mercurial day! Verbal, sociable, anxious to move into the next phase of this new normal.

There is a tendency to relax one's guard and get involved with a wider circle of loved ones, but planets in Gemini are in tension with a very nasty little asteroid, Nessus, indicating that indulging in these very natural desires to socialize may not be lucky at all. Nessus is indicative of abuse. Nessus is also quite close to the asteroid Ceres, often involved in climate change. The obvious implication is abuse of the earth. The earth has benefitted from a "pause" due to isolation which is promoting earth's healing. This stands at odds with the desire to restart things.

Wildcard planet Uranus is in Taurus, also associated with our earth, and it is in great tension with asteroid Pallas Athene, a giver of intellect and wisdom, and Saturn in Aquarius. Both Pallas Athene and Saturn are in heady air signs. I interpret this to mean that people intellectually know they are dealing with an unforseen and unexpected circumstances, but they are voting with their feet to go a more sociable route. It is so tempting to close ones eyes to the new normal and go the more comfortable, traditional route. As though the rules have not changed. There may be consequences later.

Powerful planets are still retrograde. It is best to dialogue with yourself through journalling, dream work, symbol work, yoga, meditation. Hold off, if you can, on initiating new beauty. routine, purchases, etc., at least until late June.

You may feel restless, but think it through!

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