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Astrology of Tuesday, June 30

This is a restless period, with the Moon in Scorpio opposing the wild card planet, Uranus in Taurus. The Moon being in Scorpio, there is a fertility, an intuitiveness, an intensity about those feelings. Uranus brings a decidedly unique vibe to the table, i.e., I need to do things my way. Scorpio also rules issues of power, control and trust. Put this restless spirit, an intense desire to see something new and startling happen, and you could have Scorpio overturning the applecart out of sheer frustration with the status quo.

This feeling is likely to be said aloud - Moon in Scorpio trine Mercury (communication). And that is where things being to go awry. Mercury is retrograde, so it often communicates the wrong thing or is misunderstood. Add to that Sun in Cancer is squaring Mars (actions) and in a difficult aspect to Saturn (authority; structure, reality). You may be tempted to go off half cocked, say something, be misunderstood and have your actions dismissed by authorities in your life.

The north node in Gemini is not far from all these energies, so there may be a feeling of destiny or karma that is very much on target, and new insights are revealed as the misunderstanding is sorted out. Something surfaces that might not ordinarily be said or done, and it wind up being just the thing that is needed.

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