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Happy New Moon in Cancer!

Things are stirring today. After a period of unrelieved retrograde-ness, we are about to embark on 14 days of a waxing moon. We can plant seeds of new beginning.

The Sun and Moon in Cancer are opposite the trifecta of this year's astrology - Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn and both are square the Cinderella of the zodiac, Eris. Here, Eris represents those who have not been included. In a way, opposites are easier to resolve because one side is not hidden to the other. Clearly, the needs of individuals and those in power over them is out of balance. The voices of that discordant group that has not been part of the conversation must be heard and invited in before reconciliation can take place,

We are each called upon to decide who were are spiritually and where we can compromise and where we cannot. Time to stand up!

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