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Astrology of August 6

The moon is in Pisces, very near Neptune in Pisces. Many of you may find plans to be out cancelled in favor of staying home. Or you may experience anxiety, justified or not, that you are experiencing some symptoms of ill health and choose to quarantine. The proximity of the Moon to Neptune can also imply a willingness to indulge in comforts including alcohol or too much tv or whatever your "addiction" is.

Venus in normally sociable Gemini is very near the North Node in Gemini. Venus is square the moon, lending weight to the idea that socializing is not on the menu today.The presence of the North Node lends a feel of fatedness today.

To use this transit at its most effective, meditate, do yoga, write poetry, read tea leaves, tarot or astrology. Symbols may expand your perspective. Moon in Pisces isn't about a rational knowing. It knows through the gut, almost by osmosis. Use that time alone wisely. Many planets are retrograde; we are on a waning cycle with the moon. Use this time to review and rethink.

In the next few days, the transiting moon will be activating past wounds - Chiron in Aries. Feelings of anger and possible violence may emerge as the Moon moves on to conjunct Mars in Aries, then Lilith in Aries (a desire to do things YOUR way) and, finally, Eris in Aries. Eris is an asteroid named for a vengeful and jealous Goddess. Think of it as those who haven't been invited to share in power as speaking out about not having a seat at the table. The voice of the voiceless. It isn't hard to make the jump to Black Lives Matter. Eris is squaring the power trio of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn - those who hold authority.

The Sun, our core, and a symbol of our leadership, feels personal liberties are being violated, but there is a desire to make institutions of power work for people's benefit.

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