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Astrology for Wednesday, September 23

As there was yesterday, there is a very divisive energy in the sky. The representation of conservatives gleefully filling a third seat in the Supreme Court is represented by Sun in Libra trining Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn trine Uranus in Taurus. But all is not lost for the people to have a say....karma has a hand in this, too. And this administration has a trail of karma to contend with.

The Moon in Sagittarius is conjunct the south node of the moon. Truth concerning past actions could be the result. And speaking of karma, Neptune (propaganda, spin) is squaring the lunar nodes, so it is very unstable time.

The Moon today is in a fire sign, Sagittarius, as are Venus and Vesta in Leo and Mars/Lilith/Eris in Aries. Fire is united in wanting to act. I am reminded of how conservative leadership wants to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat immediately, despite any effect on the election.

An adjustment is being called for because of a feminine (Venus) event. - RBG's death. Accordingly, a yod has formed involving Vena and Vesta in Leo, those who hold power (Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn) and Neptune in Pisces, a planet that speaks to the extremes of our behavior. The trigger point of the yod lies in Aquarius, a desire for equality for all people. And, as I said, the United States Sibley Chart Moon in Aquarius lies along the trigger point. The moon standing for the will of the people, asking for an adjustment and that they be heard.

If Neptune isn't acting the saint, it will surely be acting the sinner. The South Node of the Moon and the Moon in Sagittarius is in friction with Neptune in Pisces. People are angry about a naked power grab (Mars/Eris/Lilith square Jupiter/Pluto/ Saturn in Capricorn). They feel they are being cheated of a say in the outcome, that the authorities have rigged things in their favor. We also have journalists represented by Mercury in Libra who are angry and uncovering the truth.

What I am trying to say is, although it looks like the Republican party has the wind at its back in finding a replacement, karma is also at work. Everything you hear will not be true. Despite the lies and propaganda and hypocrisy, let us see what develops.

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