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Astrology for Monday, November 9

As usual in 2020, the sky contains many aspects, many planetary interactions because there IS a lot going on.

One thing that is going on is that Uranus in Taurus is opposing Mercury in Libra and Juno/Sun in Scorpio. Because Mercury and Juno/Sun are not that far apart, I looked up the Sabian symbol for the midpoint between the two. The symbol for that degree (there is one for every degree of the Zodiac - you can look it up at Cafe Astrology) is "A fellowship supper reunites old comrades."

That symbol reminded me of a story Joe Biden used to tell about eating with people across the aisle at government lunches. He said breaking bread with people of another ideology puts aside policy differences and allows them to see each other as people, not only as political enemies. I really like that and really like the idea that comrades could reunited over dinner.

The astrology of today suggests that addressing the unexpected circumstances of life (Covid) and unforseen circumstances affecting earth (climate change) can only happen when we see each others as individuals, get past our fear of a faceless "Other" and begin to "break bread" with each other.

For individuals, this suggests that oppositions, like the one between Scorpio and Taurus seem to be polar opposites on the surface. In truth, each sign has qualities that the other lack. Scorpio represents water element; Taurus earth element. Together, they have great fertility - they need each other. Not every pairing works this way, but each sign and each element brings a unique perspective. Even if we disagree, we need each other to get through the rigorous changes brought to our world.

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