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Astrology for April 4, 2023 - Pluto and Mercury Square Off

Tomorrow, April 4, a former President of the US is being arraigned for crimes yet to be made public stemming from a Grand Jury investigation in New York. Not coincidentally, Mercury, a planet of ideas, thinking and communication, is entering Taurus (a conservative sign). Mercury will therefore square or be under tension with Pluto in Aquarius, a placement that uncovers secrets and uphold the power of the people and the rule of law. No one is above the law, not even a former President.

On a more personal level, we might ask ourselves how we have become addicted to our own wound (Pluto) so that we are perpetuating a story (Mercury)we know. What needs to be uncovered so that we can rise above our wound, not identifying ourselves with that wound?

We all have a story of how we have been wounded or violated, and that story is often our core truth. But it isn't quite the same as reality. Under these influences, we have an opportunity to look more deeply at our story, recover our shadow side, and expand beyond being a victim or someone who is (however justified we are) wounded or wronged. Where have we held ourself back?

Where can we rise like the Phoenix (a Pluto symbol) from the ashes of our experience, as opposed to identifying ourselves with our wound? We can lose some of the impact of our wound by helping others who have had a similar experience. We can be stronger, more whole and more aware of the bigger possibilities when we tell ourselves a new story. Today is a day to rise above and beyond your story. It doesn't just apply to today, but it can begin today.


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