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Astrology for April 6, 2023 - Full Moon Today

The Moon is full today, with Sun in Aries and the Moon exactly halfway across the zodiac, in Libra. As always, the full moon heralds a time when you can clearly see the results of what was seeded at the new Moon in Libra back in September, 2022.

Sun in Aries is about developing self identity and discovering what you stand for. Libra brings in balance - not only are we discovering the "I am", but the "We are" has to be considered, too. For the next 14 days, we will be in the waning cycle, one of introspection and review of existing projects, as opposed to initiating something new.

Furthermore, the Sun in Aries is conjunct transiting Chiron (the wound) and transiting Jupiter (expansion). Twin questions are being asked - how have I identified with the story I carry of my hurt, and as a result, not reached my full potential? Who am I, and what do I need to heal or let go? The Libran moon asks "how will this affect my relationships, and have I thought big enough in that part of my life as well?"

Mercury has just entered Taurus and it is conjunct the North Node of the Moon. The North Node is where we are striving to go in this lifetime. It has a fated quality. Under these influences, it would be easy to see that your changing identity and the effect of those changes others might necessitate some conversation with a significant other about "where do we go from here." Some of the scariest words are "We need to talk"!

Note: Pluto is still in the sign of democracy, Aquarius. Wisconsin just elected a liberal judge to sit on its Supreme Court who endorses abortion. She won by 10 points in a state that rarely sees that kind of spread. And this week has seen a former President indicted, the rule of law applying to the great and the small. This is a sea change in the identity of the country. We are expanding beyond our former limits and ready to communicate a change in our fate.

Note: Mercury will slow down and turn retrograde in its motion April 19-21. More on that later. We are in the "shadow" of that retrograde now and these issues will be revisited then.


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