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Astrology for Friday, April 9

Don't believe everything you hear today! The Moon is in Pisces quite close to slippery, elusive Neptune in Pisces. Neptune rules illusions and delusions of all kinds. On the bright side, Neptune can provide creative inspiration and great compassion. Its darker face can be confusion, fantasies, and "spin." Access the bright side by paying attention to your dreams, meditating, dancing and yoga (among other things). But don't be surprised if you see evidence of spin and gaslighting, too.

Mars is the same sign as the North Node - both in Gemini. One of its many manifestations is a war over words - and our future as a country and as individuals. The factual sign of logic and verbal reason, Gemini is square (challenging) nonlogical, nonverbal Neptune and Moon in Pisces. So try not to get too concerned if a roadblock appears in the war of words and logic - filibuster reform in the Senate, for example, may appear to be hopelessly blocked. Senators Manchin and Sinema are Democrats, but will not lend their support to changing the filibuster rule.

Filibuster reform is essential (North Node and Mars in Gemini) if the Infrastructure Bill and the voting rights bill, HR1, are to have any chance. With the filibuster rule intact, 60 votes will be needed to pass any Senate bill, not a simple majority. The GOP state bills want to ensure election "security" (although in over 60 lawsuits, Trump failed to find any election fraud) through only allowing those "qualified" to vote (same logic as the Jim Crow laws). If the filibuster remains unchanged and the GOP oriented voter suppression undeterred by federal legislation, there may never be another Democratic victory for years. Even infrastructure, which once flourished under Republican President Eisenhower would be unlikely to pass with bipartisan support.

I'lll be crossing my fingers today and hoping that our gateway to the future, North. Node in Gemini, will not be permanently blocked. I'm hoping this war of words regarding the filibuster is not over. If we are to make any progress in voting rights, infrastructure, climate change, energy reform, we cannot be ruled by a far right majority. Even if the GOP wins this battle, I don't they can suppress progressive ideas forever. The demographic shift from a minority to a majority of people of color in this country will probably force their views to fall of their own weight. But they could delay things significantly, and that would be a disaster.

If the infrastructure bill fails, we are bound to see bridges fail, environmental pollution to unsafe drinking and sewage systems, an electric grid failure. Does someone have to die before things that we know need to happen are done? Pluto is in Capricorn - life or death struggle. We can have that reality if we want it. But we don't have to choose that. If the infrastructure bill fails, we have the midterm elections to get a majority in the Senate. But with voting rights on the line, it may not be possible to elect anyone but the GOP. I'm hoping things will not be as bad as they seem.


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