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Astrology for Friday, June 11

Love is in the air! Mars is leaving Cancer for a more sociable, creative and spontaneous sign - Leo! The Moon is in Cancer, (the heart) coming up to a rendezvous with Venus in Cancer (loving nurturance), and both are trining another watery sign, Jupiter in Pisces (expansion).

With the Sun in Gemini, Moon and Venus in Cancer and Mars in Leo, don't skate the surface in an effort to meet people. Oh, it is perfectly fine for meeting someone; but if you want them to stay around, emotions and feelings are important., too. Yesterday's solar eclipse had a decided emphasis on new ways of communicating - speaking and hearing. This cycle will last a while, so practice communicating your feelings and see who resonates with that.

Venus is still out of bounds this weekend, meaning that she has slipped her normal leash, so you may find yourself relating and attracting things and people who might not be your norm. Enjoy new experiences. Out with the old, in with the new.

So much is going on in the sky right now, something will probably be affecting you personally. You can contact me here or another astrologer to find out how you are being affected.


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