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Astrology for Monday, April 26 - FullMoon in Scorpio

The Moon will be full in Scorpio at 10:30 pm CDT today. Under the light of the full moon (a super moon because of its proximity to earth) things are seen clearly as the Taurus sun opposes the Scorpio moon. This being a Scorpio moon, Taurus may wish it could unsee what it sees at the full moon, but once glimpsed, it cannot be forgotten.

I have a picture in my mind'e eye of Taurus (being a Taurus, they generally like nature) picking up a lovely rock and being rather appalled at the squirmy things found UNDER the rock. Scorpio dives deep; no territory is forbidden, to the underside of things. In fact, trust Scorpio to keep rooting around until the ugly underbelly is exposed. Scorpio knew darn well it was there all the time, and aha! now it has proof.

There is a stellium of planets in Taurus at the time of the full moon - Sun.Uranus, Venus, Mercury - which complicates the meaning of this full moon. The presence of revolutionary Uranus so close to the Sun and Venus (planet of relationships) (and opposing the full moon) may mean there is a sudden rupture in the relationship. That is, it may appear to come out of nowhere, but things may have been simmering under the surface. This rupture may be just the thing to release those long simmering emotions, allowing the relationship to have a little more freedom. Energy that went into continuing to hold the status quo together is freed up for other more authentic and creative purposes. Mercury can be useful in communicating these grievances, hearing one another and discussing the shape of the future. Good relationships need to have their grievances aired out from time to time or else they become dull as oily dishwater. Bad relationships - well, the sooner the truth emerges, the better.

With Uranus, the revolutionary, shaking things up in the. once stable and predictable sign of Taurus, there could be violence, but, hey, this is America. Violence has become shockingly common. Earth movements, like earthquakes, can also happen under these circumstances. These are the exceptions and not the rule.

On a mundane level, I do think we will see secrets unearthed, maybe tax related or sexual secrets. Saturn in Aquarius is squaring both the Sun in Taurus and its stellium and the Moon in Scorpio. Accountability and reform, please! These can be a metaphorical earthquake.

Anyway, speak your truth. It may shake up the status quo, but that can be a good thing - not easy, maybe, but good.


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