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Astrology for Monday, June 14

Today, for the second time, Saturn in Aquarius (reform of big tech and other new systems) will be exactly square Uranus in Taurus (rebellion in traditional systems). The dance between Saturn and Uranus - the new vs. the old, will be in effect all year, but today the dance is tighter. Today, it will particularly affect those born between 12 - 18 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

The first square was on February 17. This is the second exact square. The third happens on December 24. A theme will be present that links all three, both in your personal life and in public life. Think back to what was happening on, a little before or a little after February 17. You are going to be able to review and reconsider those themes with a different awareness. Mercury, is retrograde and things look a bit different now.

The explosive content of this square was initially presented on February 17. You'll be looking at a similarly themed event today. Thanks to the Mercury retrograde, you can see things with new eyes. Last Thursday's Solar Eclipse heralded an ending of an old cycle and a beginning of a new one. Today is a continuation of that look. By December 24, you'll have begun to implement the changes that are needed.

Today, the Moon is in Leo, opposing Saturn in Aquarius. Both the Moon and Saturn are being squared by Uranus in Taurus, meaning three of the four fixed signs are in a difficult aspect. The open leg of this Grand Cross is 13 degrees Scorpio. The way out is to not turn away. Stand your ground and see it all, however unpleasant you may find it. Your psychology and intuition will help you navigate. Now is not the time to initiate action, but it is time to perceive accurately so you can devise a successful plan of action. By December 24, you'll have your answers.

Also happening today - Mars in Leo is opposing Pluto in Capricorn (acting on your impulses are frustrated by the conservative powers that be). The Sun/Mercury conjunction in Gemini is being squared by Neptune in Pisces, so don't believe all you hear - some gaslighting is going on, and things happening secretly are not always truthful.

If you'd like to learn more about how the transits are affecting you personally, contact me through this website or by calling 314-482-3017 for a copy of your birth chart and a personal reading.



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