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Astrology for Monday, June 21: Summer Solstice and Jupiter goes Retrograde

The Summer Solstice is here, heralding the beginning of summer. It is the beginning of a season until October's Autumn Equinox. But that is not the only astrological news today. The planet Jupiter began retrograde (apparently backward) motion. Any time a planet is retrograde, it is, from our earth based perspective, traveling over old ground. So reviewing and having the chance to re-edit and revise territory we occupied during the mid to late spring of this year is going to be part of the Jupiter retrograde.

How have you expanded and grown? What opportunities were presented and what opportunities do you wish you had handled differently? Jupiter worked in tandem with Saturn in Aquarius for the early part of the year. Jupiter kissed Saturn with a bit of luck. Dealing with old issues and finding new solutions was a little easier with Jupiter in the mix. There was a chance to sort out what was wisdom handed down by our elders and what uniquely, authentically, was a better fit for us. The good news is Jupiter is heading back toward Saturn which will hopefully lighten our burdens with renewed optimism.

For those who have planets in late degrees of Aquarius or very early degrees of Pisces, the mood was definitely brighter and luckier once Jupiter left Aquarius around mid May. This kiss of luck will last until the end of July when Jupiter again re-enters Aquarius. The Jupiter will remain solidly in Aquarius the rest of the year.

Other news is that we are close to the end of Mercury retrograde. Again, retrograde motion is a great time for review and slowing down. Often, appointments are missed, keys lost, schedules change, in a cosmic effort to get us to slow down during Mercury retrograde. Mercury will begin direct motion on Wednesday, June 23. While communication, scheduling and all things should improve, be aware that we are still in the "shadow" of Mercury Retrograde, in that Mercury has not yet passed the point at which it went retrograde. The shadow period ends on July 7, 2021. Some hiccups may be likely until then. The good news: many of the "mountains" that seemed like irreconcilable obstacles during the retrograde turn out to be "molehills" after all.

Neptune in Pisces will join Jupiter in retrograde motion on June 26. Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter in Pisces are retrograde, too. Expect a lot of old issues to surface to be reviewed, revised and re-edited during the summer months.

A lot has been happening astrologically in June. To summarize, an old cycle is ending; a new cycle beginning. Look carefully at what you have been taught. It may not be the same thing as where you are now. Where are you ready for a new, improved, 2.0 version of yourself? The retrograde period is here so that we can solidify our intention and know who we are.


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