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Astrology for Monday, March 15

The week begins on Monday, with an uprush of energy. The Moon is in a fire sign, Aries, and the fiery Sun is in a water sign, Pisces. This combination of fire and water can lead to actions that follow feeling. Actions to heal the wounds that COVID has inflicted us. We cannot regain the people we have lost or the time we have missed with loved ones, but there is a steady drumbeat toward healing.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer (an immortal so badly wounded he wanted to die, but couldn't because...well. he was immortal) i conjunct Ceres, as an asteroid of healing and the Moon, the Great Healer herself.

In a mundane chart, the Moon speak to thee will of the people. 76% of the population wanted the American Rescue Plan Act with its money for reopening schools, stimulating the economy and repairing governments that have teen hard hit by the pandemic. Not to mention vaccination. Vesta in Virgo, a stable, dedicated and loyal figure in health care, is steadily vaccinating the population. President Biden said we would have enough vaccine for everyone to schedule an appointment for vaccination by mid May.

There is opposition to this compassionate Sun/Moon combination and they are symbolized by the Saturn in Aquarius/Uranus in Taurus square. And perhaps this opposition will also take the form of new variants that impede progress in vaccination.

There is an explosive pairing in the United States Sibley Chart for the next two to three weeks. The United States chart has Uranus is in Gemini at 8 degrees. The transits put Uranus at 8 Gemini also. That combination is pretty volatile - the planet of War and the Planet of Revolution. It could be we will some actions strongly opposed by forces that feel it limits their freedom. Saturn is often found in reform charts, and it is trine the combined effects of Mars and Uranus in Gemini. I tend to think this may lean in the direction of accountability - maybe of things like the Capitol insurrection or Trump being called to account. We will see what this week brings!


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