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Astrology for Sunday, December 27

An astrology chart can be understood on several levels. After all, if 10 planets in 12 houses can represent your life, there are a lot of meanings for each of them. The Moon is in Gemini opposing Venus in Sagittarius; both are opposing Neptune in Pisces. The Moon/Venus opposition is pretty pleasant, actually. The only caveat is you may have too much rich comfort food - and this time of year, who doesn't! Or you may want something, beautiful, luxurious and comforting for your home. Your heart is drawn to relationships and far-flung family and friends. But Neptune in Pisces, a planet of isolation, is square both the Moon and Venus, frustrating the desire for closeness. Hardly a revelation, but even if it is common knowledge, it is also written in the stars. As above, so below.

The chaos and intensity of the time now until the Inauguration is written in the stars, too. The energy of the Sun in Capricorn, the Leader, is trine Uranus in Taurus, a chaotic influence on financial systems and our stability. President Trump is a Gemini, well known for his proclivity for chaos. One of the signature aspects of 2020 was Pluto in Capricorn square Mars in Aries. That is not over yet. While Jupiter and Saturn are in the more egalitarian and democratic sign of Aquarius now (rather than conjunct Pluto in Capricorn), there is likely to be considerable tension at the end of December and most of January as Saturn and Jupiter square Uranus in Taurus. The old and the new will struggle for dominance.


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