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Astrology for Sunday, September 26

The big news today, of course, is that we are getting ready for Mercury to go in apparent retrograde motion on Monday, September 27, at 25 degrees Libra. Libra is an air sign, and as an uncanny presage of that airy retrograde, we have a grand trine today, (Sunday) Things just seem to flow harmoniously between the Moon in Gemini (air), Saturn in Aquarius (air) and the Sun conjunct Mars in Libra (air).

When I run the chart for high noon tomorrow in Washington, DC, the Sun/Mars is in the 10th house, the Executive Branch in a mundane chart; the Moon represents masses of people who are curious about how new facts will affect them in the 6th house of their everyday lives; and Saturn is in humanitarian Aquarius - just asking for rules in new technologies that affect society at a whole - the pandemic, social media. I wonder if we will see some announcement by the Executive Branch that puts the Administration's rules into action to serve people at large.

Air has ideas. Ideas are perception. Perception is the key to revolutionary ideas. This is a good time for action on those ideas.

Or perhaps work will continue on the bills before Congress - will we address climate change, pre-K, etc? And what price tag are we willing to pay to get there?

Meanwhile, the media (as it addresses masses of people, it is represented by the Moon in Gemini) continues to focus on the schism within the Democratic party as opposed to the ghastly things that are happening with voter suppression in red states. Our democracy is in peril, the climate in crisis. Still, the media is focusing on the story of the fracture within the Democratic party.

For so long, we've been able to let democracy work without a lot of input on our part. That is no longer true. We have some responsibility as the electorate for electing a Democrat with an extensive list of crises to combat, but giving him such a slender majority to do his job. Slender enough that Joe Manchin can provide a serious stumbling block.

And the Supreme Court has had three conservative judges appointed. Norms we have taken for granted are no longer a given.

We are in the Pluto return for the US Sibley Chart of the United States. Furthermore, transiting Neptune is opposed to the Neptune of the Sibley chart. I believe some of the themes that were prevalent at the beginning in 1776 are going to be important today. Again, there is a battle against the tyranny of minority rule over a very unwilling majority. Will state rights prevail or federal rights? In other words, does government need to play a role in providing a social safety net? In creating a level playing field? Or does the GOP view that only some people have the right to vote and that proven business men are the ones to run things?


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