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Astrology for the Leo New Moon on July 28 25 - 29

On Thursday, July 28, we will experience the New Moon in Leo, when the Sun (solar self) and Moon (intuitive, emotional self) line up in the same zodiacal place in the sign of "kings" and "queens".

As always, a new moon signals that a time of revision and introspection has come to an end in favor of a new cycle. Events related to the Leo Full Moon of February 17, have run their course. A new course of events or a Phase 2 of an existing set of events begins. What happened at the Leo Full Moon? Five days after the Leo Full Moon, transiting Pluto in Capricorn reached the exact point where it was found during the American Revolution. This was our country's first Pluto Return, a time when old. unresolved issues stared us in the face. (Democracy vs Autocracy? States rights vs Federal rights?) Pluto in Capricorn signifies the transformation of Big Business, Big Government, and Big Wealth. Although transiting Pluto's return perfected on February 22, we have been feeling its effect for a few years before perfection, and we will continue to see its effects for a few years as well. Nevertheless, a perfection of the return is significant.

Two days after the Pluto return, on the same Moon cycle, Ukraine was invaded by Russia. The effects on NATO, on countries threatened by the food loss from Ukraine, on democracy, and much more, have been staggering. On this Leo New Moon, we may see a Phase 2 of the War. The bombing of Odessa very shortly after a deal between the UN, Ukraine and Russia, to safely export grain to prevent a famine in Africa, suggests an escalation of the war. There is history between Ukraine and Russia, with Russia claiming Ukraine as a legacy of its empire.

The New Moon isn't the cause of the clash between old and new - it just sets the stage for it. The transits around the time of the New Moon suggests that the clash of old and new leadership is going to be an important player on July 28 and the first half of August. More than that, humanity may take a screeching, unexpected turn on August 1 when transiting Mars (Action, War), transiting Uranus (Revolution, Genius) and the North Node of the Moon (Destiny, Fate) join hands and stand together at 18 degrees of Taurus.

Positively, this transit can signify adoption of revolutionary technologies to help Planet Earth. Negatively, it can signify a warlike group marching to the beat of its own drummer toward an unexpected ideology. Whatever happens, Mars guarantees there will be some action.

We are in a moon "wobble" period. The effect of the Nodes' involvement in a square to transiting Saturn in Aquarius is to create instability. Explosions and air crashes sometimes happen during these unstable periods, as do earthquakes. And these sorts of events can be present in a much more personal fashion if they trigger a planet in your birth chart - you might have been flying high, but crash to earth. You may explode with anger or activity - or your "earth" (world that you know) may shake beneath your feet.

There is only one set of planets above us. We are all affected by the macro environment and the macro environment has a very personal and unique effect on us.

The Sun, Moon or planets in the fixed signs of Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius will be impacted most. Effects may not happen on the day of exact contact with these transiting planets, but a decision might be reached or an idea conceived that can bear fruit within an "orb of influence". And, if you are wondering, the planets are already beginning to influence each other, but will become more intense from January 28 - August 1.

More later.


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