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Astrology for the Week of May 8 - 14

Eclipse season ended last Friday with an eclipse/full moon in Scorpio...or did it? Yes and no. The April solar eclipse at 29 degrees Aries could affect things for a year. Last Friday's lunar eclipse will affect the 15 degrees of Taurus point for the next six months. Eclipses herald times to let go of habitual responses to do things differently and, hopefully, better.

It is interesting, that King Charles had his coronation during a retrograde phase of both Mercury (communication, bridges from one state to the other) and Pluto (transformation, power). It is likely that his reign will be a bit bumpy, and power shifts are likely. The recent eclipses were visible in the South Pacific and Australia. Eclipses tend to pack their biggest punch where they are visible. Will Australia change its status as a member of the Commonwealth? Also, the Sun, which in a mundane chart indicates executive rulership, is going to conjunct the wild card planet, Uranus. Uranus' archetype is the revolutionary. Putting all this together, I think I'd keep an eye on events in England and Australia. I think we'll see some letting go of old power patterns during King Charles' reign. He might cut his reign short, in fact. We shall see.

In the US, with the Sun conjunctions Uranus this week, affects may surprise us around the debt ceiling talks. The moon will cross the 29th degree of Aries, sensitized by the Solar Eclipse, on May 10. On May 11, the moon will cross Pluto at 0 degrees Aquarius. The Moon symbolizes the will of the people as well as acting as a timer for other planets, so these are dates to watch.

On May 8, Venus will enter Cancer. Issues of birth and womanhood will be prominent (abortion rights, anyone?)Venus will trine (harmony) with Saturn in Pisces on Mother's Day. How appropriate! Venus in Cancer is warm, cozy and comforting and one expression of Saturn in Pisces is a wise elder! Mars is in Cancer, too, trining Neptune in Pisces. Love and romance are in the air. Cozy up to your significant other!

And, of course, ex-President Trump is still on trial for an alleged rape of E. Jean Carroll. He was in Ireland until the closing arguments had already been set, but complaining loudly that it was so unfair he could not testify in Court. So sad! The judge therefore delayed closing and offered him a chance to testify. We'll find out Monday what his response will be.

These are just a sampling of the expressions possible under this planetary placements. For you, think about what no longer serves you - what is holding you back, in fact, and find a big vision to replace the status quo.


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