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Astrology for Thursday, April 1

On Thursday, April Fool's Day, the Moon has moved into Sagittarius, ciming closer the South Node of the Moon. The Moon is in opposition to Mars in Gemini and the North Node in Gemini. If you read my last post, you know that I believe progress on infrastructure and voting rights is the way of the future, and Mars and the North Node in Gemini indicate there is a desire nationally to move in this direction. However, the existence of the filibuster impedes progress in this direction. Mars in Gemini - a war of words. The existence of the filibuster means neither of these initiatives can pass without 60% of the Senate voting in favor of them. Unlikely, given the slender majority held by the Democrats

The Moon at the South Node of the Moon in Sagittarius - old, dated belief systems - where we have been - highlights the desire of the people to update and reform their values. The Moon is trine (in harmony with) Venus-Sun-Chiron in Aries. This emphasizes the need to heal the legacy we have inherited. We must each define what we stand for (Aries). The legacy of old wounds means that power formerly found only in white hands must be redefined.

North Node/Mars in Gemini and Moon/South Node in Sagittarius are both square Nessus in Pisces. Nessus is an asteroid whose legend includes raping the wife of Hercules and tricking her into using his tainted blood to kill Hercules. This unsavory character stands between the accomplishment of the North Node and the updating of the South Node. Until the unsavory nature of Nessus is fully recognized, the roadblock to progress cannot be overcome. Nessus is also very close to Neptune which can be a figure of fantasy. It is important to see through any spin that is used to justify unsavory behaviors.

Nessus may make the news, also, in the form of some damaging information about unsavory sexual practices that come to haunt a public figure.


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