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Astrology for Thursday, January 14

Uranus in Taurus will station and proceed in direct motion today. Uranus has been retrograde since mid-August. Uranus' "Great Awakener" energy will be directed outward, not inward. Uranus in Taurus is chaos in the typically stable and secure things ruled by Taurus - money, self confidence, the status quo, values. One of my readers pointed out that big corporations are not donating to GOP officials that perpetuated the myth that the election was rigged. Good example.

We are also seeing the fractured state of the GOP. Some establishment Republicans want to distance themselves from Trump. Other young Conservative bulls object to the second impeachment of Donald Trump, saying an impeachment will increase the partisan divide. Where were those folks when DJT sought to widen that split. No one is defending the President. They just don't want an impeachment (angering Trump's base).

Can we allow a sitting President to incite a riot that led to deaths and could have been so much worse? If members of the mob are punished, shouldn't he be as well? The Sun in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, square Eris in Aries and Mars in Taurus. This is a life or death moment in many ways. Pluto exposes the underbelly of the Sun, the leader.

And the square between Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus accentuates the tension between the parties. Will it result in in violence as Mars draws closer to Uranus? I'd be surprised if there were not clashes. As to Civil War - I guess it depends on how willing law enforcement is to coordinate with other security forces and do their job - protect BOTH parties and the incoming administration.

Trump says he has done nothing wrong and has no remorse. Nearly 350,000 of us have died and hospitals are being overrun (Neptune in Pisces oppose Vesta in Virgo, squared by the North and South Nodes of the Moon). that isn't the focus of his concern.


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