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Astrology for Thursday, June 10: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini

New Moons are always a time of new beginnings. New beginnings imply an ending of a cycle. Before a door opens, another must close.

Eclipses are indicators of an end of a cycle. Wherever the eclipse/new moon falls in your chart, you are likely to experience the end of one cycle, and the beginning of a new one. Because this is happening in Gemini, all things Gemini - communication (hearing and listening) communication devices (phones, tablets, computers), autos, hands, lungs, youth, states of transition, siblings - can be affected.

At the time of the new moon/eclipse, Mercury will be "cazimi", in the heart of the Sun - implying our ego is closely identified with all things Mercury. It may be hard to let anything go, because we are so identified with it.

During the actual eclipse, the moon will pass between the Sun and the Earth, obscuring the Sun and therefore Mercury. The Sun is aligned with logical thought and ego, but the moon, a planet of intuition and feeling, will obscure it almost completely. The head (logical function) will play second fiddle to the heart (intuition and feeling).

Mercury rules Gemini and will be close to the Sun, but that is not all. Mercury is in retrograde motion, meaning issues from the past arise to be dealt with. Things may look a little different the second time around, triggering needed change. Mercury also rules the North Node in Gemini, the karmic gateway to the future. It is time to address issues from the past, not only with logic, but with feeling and intuition. What Gemini activity have you dealt with logically, but didn't seem to be resolved satisfactorily?

Our society is very Geminian - very verbal. But when are words used as a defense instead of to satisfy curiosity. When have facts alone not been enough? This eclipse points out that logic alone is only half our wisdom. As the French philosopher said "the heart hath reason whereof reason knows nothing."

We are figuratively arriving at a diving board, walking onto it, shaky and unsure. We are outside our comfort zone. But at the right moment, we dive in headfirst, having faith that the water below will be deep enough for our fall.

The effect of a solar eclipse can last several years, so this is a beginning, not an end of a cycle. But something we no longer need must end so that we can go forward into an unknown adventure.


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