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Astrology for Tuesday, March 16

At about 5:30, the Moon will slip from the sign Aries into Taurus. Taurus is usually a sensual, but sedate and stable energy. However, the planet Uranus - the Revolutionary and Great Awakener - is located in Taurus currently. About 10:30 CST, the Moon will have reached Uranus. It is pretty late in the day, but there could be some unexpected turmoil and hurt feelings at home, particularly if there is a Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarian or Leo living there with planetary placements 5 - 15 degrees, roughly.

Uranus wakes Taurus' normally pleasurable and stable energies. There can be a shake up. The Moon is a symbol for women and domestic life. Has something been brewing that needs a little shaking up? Uranus in Taurus is square Saturn in Aquarius, so ideas of reforming the status quo are likely to be on the agenda.

In the world at large, the sign Taurus is synonymous with the earth, and there could be some seismic shifts to the earth itself. Like a volcano or an earthquake. It might not happen, of course, but it is possible under this kind of aspect.

Another big picture possibility is that the Moon, which in mundane astrology, signifies the people at large, reaching Uranus in Taurus squaring Saturn in Aquarius, are ready for reforms in the traditional powers that be. Taurus the builder and Saturn, another earthy sign, could call for an awareness of the plight of the earth and for our aging infrastructure. We haven't invested much in the infrastructure in decades. As climate change makes our environment more extreme and volatile, it is important for us to have resilient infrastructure or can get a Texas ice storm. Major costs for individuals, and the government of Texas is pretty much blowing those affected off.


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