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Astrology for Wednesday, April 7

A shift has been taking place. Pluto is in Capricorn, as it has been for a while. Pluto transforms and takes out the garbage, so to speak, in any sign it occupies. Pluto is not very popular, as our resistance, individually and collectively, is pretty strong when it comes to dredging up our dirty laundry and releasing it. So, understandably, the progression of Pluto has been neither easy or popular, but it has been important. It releases a lot of creative energy to say goodbye to our no longer useful shadow side. And to add to the intensity, Pluto is very near the place it occupied during the American Revolution, indicating that some updating of our American Revolution (Revolution 2.0?) is in the works.

Pluto transforms. Pluto in Capricorn transforms big corporations, big sources of power and authority - the white patriarchy, for instance. For a long time, whites were large and in charge. But by 2030, the white majority yields to a new majority o people of color. And the #Me, Too Movement addresses the need for female empowerment, a shift in the power dynamic as well.

The GOP has traditionally aligned itself with the interests of big business. But corporations in Georgia are realizing that voter suppression is not popular with the soon-to-be majority of people of color and that many of those formerly poor and powerless constituents have become part of their target market. They have money to spend, and companies are paying attention. The GOP cannot count on companies like Coca Cola to back them - particularly when voter suppression is not popular with their customers.

Astrologically, Eris in Aries represents those who have been formerly powerless and unheard, squaring off with Pluto in Capricorn - those in power.At the time I am writing this, Chiron in our national chart is conjunct the Sun in Aries, so I believe this legacy is ready to be reviewed. The Biden Cabinet is unusually diverse, which seems more in sync with the current consciousness of the nation.

This year is noted for the Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus aspect. Stirring up the old, established power (Uranus in Taurus) for needed reform that the people desire. Of course, this is one view, and I think the dominant course astrologically. There will be opposition - difficulty in redefining the traditional powers - we are entering a new era. We are seeing the opposition (the heavy hand of Saturn) in attempts to repress the vote in response to a wholly made up crisis over voter security.

Much of this resolution hinges upon the filibuster - Mars in Gemini conjunct the North Node of the Moon. A war of words that can block the path forward.


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