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Astrology for Wednesday, March 17: St. Patrick's Day!

The Moon is in Taurus, as it was yesterday. It is moving in the direction of a trine between the Moon in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. Masses of people are calling for reform in our power structures. Adding to that, Saturn in Aquarius is square Uranus in Taurus. Reforms and reparation of infrastructure are both likely under such an aspect.

The way and the will to move toward new ideas is becoming clearer. Mars is drawing near the North Node (gateway to the future) of the Moon in Gemini - the will is closing in on new ways, based on logic and science.

Yesterday, I wrote this: "In the world at large, the sign Taurus is synonymous with the earth, and there could be some seismic shifts to the earth itself. Like a volcano or an earthquake. It might not happen, of course, but it is possible under this kind of aspect." (There was an explosion at a fireworks plant in California, but ...)

The more I thought about it, the more I feel we did have seismic shifts, even if they were figurative and rather low key.

The American Rescue Plan Act has been passed. Over 76% of Americans wanted it, even though there were no GOP votes for it. People are getting cash. It was one of the most important bills passed since the legislation then President Roosevelt gave us Social Security, the WPA, CCC and more. Government has taken action, federal in scope, to ease the suffering of individuals. Since Reagan, money has been consistently funneled upward while the middle class shrank.

Deb Haasland, a Native American, is now in charge of the Department of the Interior. Yes, she is a Native American, a Pueblo resident that has 35 generations of indigenous people behind her. This marks not only cultural diversity, but a move away from wholesale endorsement of fossil fuels and fracking. The rule of fossil fuels began at the end of the 19th century with the ascendancy of Robber Barons like Standard Oil's founder. Mineral rights were leased underneath the lands occupied by Native Americans and other federal lands, culminating in the Teapot Dome Scandal of President Harding's administration in the 1920's. Under President Trump, Rex Tillerson, former CEO of BP Oil, was Secretary of State. Environmental regulations were discarded in favor of fossil fuel interests and the Arctic Wilderness opened for drilling. This is a sea change, and I am sure the fossil fuel companies are paying attention

Also today, FBI Director Chris Wray announced that Russian operatives were denigrating President Biden in an influence campaign during the 2020 election (although no voting systems were successfully attacked). CNN reported: "On CNN Tuesday, analyst Gloria Borger said the new intelligence report on Russia's involvement in the 2020 election concludes something that former special counsel Robert Mueller stopped just short of doing: that the Trump team colluded with Russia — whether they were aware of it or not."

Another shift: Wall Street was relieved when Elizabeth Warren was not nominated for a Cabinet position like Direct of Treasury, but they should hold any self congratulation. Biden is populating the Treasury with her co-workers and colleagues from the CFB she organized. Her motto is Personnel is Policy.

Another sea change is how many people are receiving the vaccine - and how appointments are being scheduled months earlier than anticipated.

Earthquakes are happening. Not to the literal earth, but to our reality. Oh, and Wednesday is a fertile day for above ground plants, too, if you are a gardening.


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