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Astrology for Wednesday, November 18

The Moon is in the wintry sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is a time to focus on having the basics necessary for survival, a focus on earthy groundedness and the need to deal with reality as it is. This grounding may be handy today, because other aspects indicate you may be impatient of routine and act impetuously. The Moon is squared by Mars in Aries. It is a rather brief transit, but make sure you have your bases covered and take care in dealing with sharp objects. If you are feeling emotionally wound up and cannot act on it, this energy can be related to "accidents". Accidents may be a sign that something inside is not being brought to awareness.

At the same time, Venus in Libra is square Pluto/Jupiter/Pallas Athene and Saturn in Capricorn. And Mercury in Scorpio is opposite Uranus in Taurus. Some rather heavy, unexpected insights in relationship may be the result.

Neptune in Pisces is trine both the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. Things that glitter will not always be gold. Watch out for fantasy and illusion, but if you use the grounding of the Capricorn Moon, you may be able to tell what is true gold and what is merely glitter.

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