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Astrology of August, 2022

The early two weeks of the month saw a rather rare conjunction of transiting Planets Mars (Action, War) The North Node of the Moon (Fate) and Uranus (Unexpected Revolutions) - all three at 18 degrees Taurus. Taurus is mainly a stable energy, but this combination was anything but stable. It had the potential to breathe a breath of fresh air into the routine and expected. While Taurus energy might have been unsettled, it was a chance to climb out of the comfort zone into an unexpected direction. Sure enough, Biden, at historic low approval ratings, tried to prove that democracy can still deliver for the common man. In short order, the CHIPS act was passed as was the Inflation Reduction Act. At a time when Congress is usually at a stalemate, we took a sudden swerve in the direction of solar energy and electric vehicles. We forgave student debt. Mitch McConnell said forgiving student debt was "a slap in the face." To whom, Mitch? For all our radical Christians, I would remind them that Deuteronomy provided a forgiveness of debt EVERY SEVEN YEARS. I think we have seen what ignorance leads to....after a period after WWII when people were encouraged to seek higher education, we saw fit to make our population as ignorant as the low suggested by the election of Marjorie Taylor Green with her belief in "Jewish space lasers." Really? We saddled our young people with so much education debt that they could not buy a house, sometimes a car, and then complained about Millennial choices. Democracy depends upon an educated populace. We have decimated education budgets, stopped teaching the what way were these good choices? College is free or costs next to nothing in most Western democracies, and we have much to learn from their example. Besides, living among the ignorant is downright embarrassing.

This twist of fate has manifested in good approval ratings for the President. It was an opportunity to reach for higher and better things, and I, for one, am thrilled that it happened.

We also saw the raid on MarLagO on classified materials stolen by a former President. We are not out of danger by any means, but a brass ring has been grabbed. As Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus and the Nodes and opposes Venus in Leo, we have choices to make....the challenge of the new vs. old continues, the rule of law is challenged by the radical right. We have a choice to play or attend to our responsibilities. But things have changed.

Mars has now entered Gemini. Normally, Mars transits each sign in 60 days. because of retrogrades, Mars will be in Gemini for seven months. Plenty of time to search and receive factual information to fight misinformation and false philosophy.


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