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Happy New Year!

Our New Year has begun with a bang, and the rest of the month promises to be a humdinger, too! Mercury, planet of communication, went retrograde on December 13 at 8 degrees Capricorn. Today, January 2, Mercury, to our eyes, is standing still at 22 degrees of Sagittarius. When a planet stands still before changing direction, it is powerful. Although Mercury will resume forward motion, it still has a few degrees, 16 to be exact, before it passes the point where it began its backward motion. So, while there should be less disruption in communication, starting new projects, scheduling and traveling, we won't be totally out of the woods until things normalize on January 20.

On January 21, Pluto will leave Capricorn, where it has been since 2008. Pluto will remain in Aquarius until September 2. Pluto will backtrack into a critical degree of Capricorn until November 20, 2024. Then it will re-enter Aquarius and stay there until 2024. Just as Capricorn has made tremendous change, so will the 20+ years of Aquarian influence.

This is our last transitional year for a while as Pluto starts to make itself at home in Aquarius. Capricorn looks to the past and tradition; Aquarius embrace the future and new technologies. And on January 27, Uranus in Taurus will resume its forward motion, so it is full steam ahead for Uranus! Pluto in Aquarius is favorable to democracy; Uranus in Taurus raises images of the far right!

Wondering how these energies and others will affect your own chart? Will they contact a sensitive zone in your chart in 2024? Contact me for a reading, and we can discuss possible impacts. You always have choices when the planets come to call, and becoming aware helps you navigate your way in the most productive way.


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